3 Common SEO Mistakes everyone should Avoid

To err is human and SEO is no exception. Many SEO noobs and beginners make numerous mistakes so as to learn from them and move forward error free to deliver efficient results. Here are the most common errors every SEO practitioner must avoid.

  1. Security issues

Google has been encouraging to use Secure Socket Layering or SSL as a ranking factor and enabling a Not Secure warning in Chrome. Audience is also very conscious about their data and privacy. Your website must bear a legible SSL certificate and is served over HTTPS protocol. They are easy as well as free and are automatically included in many platforms as well. You would be surprised to know that every top 10 advertising agencies in Singapore has been paying heed to this as well.

  1. Broken internal links

Broken internal links are the links on your website pages that don’t work and causes a 404 Page Not Found error. Maybe the URL of the page may have changed or the page doesn’t exist. This causes a bad user experience and is a huge turn down for the site rankings as well.

  1. Slow load speed

People expect the pages to load quick, and if they don’t, they bounce to other site. You can use factors like caching, image compression, gzip compression, Content Delivery Networks or CDNs, etc. to boost the website load speed.

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