Cloud Identity Management – The Buzz of the New Technology World

There is movement to innovate identity management space in the recent few years and most innovation is revolving around cloud identity management. Most businesses are found shifting the authorization and authentication process to the cloud.

Cloud Identity Management

The cloud identity management is not some simple web app solution. In fact, it is the coming generation IAM that is offering a holistic shift to cloud to the identity provider.  It is the modern adaptation optimized by the directory service so that it can be used on any operating system and across any device, with web-based application or any IT, on remote resources and for cloud in the cloud. The modern cloud solutions of IAM are concentrated to enable IT resource virtually as the multi-protocol so that you connect to the authentication language.

What you can do?

  • It securely allows connecting devices, employees and IT applications as well as the networks on the cloud.
  • Enjoy overhead zero management, user manageability and improved security with director service.
  • Stay connected to the cloud servers and also to your existing user store.
  • manage your Linux, Windows, laptops, Mac desktops and servers, despite the location
  • Manage the user access securely to Wi-Fi networks using a cloud Radius service
  • connect the users to various applications leveraging their authentication

Overall using cloud identity management users can virtually stay connected on one platform and also has access to their IT resources, despite your platform, provider, location or protocol.

Cloud identity management is crucial to all the organizations. It can have an impact on the employee’s productivity and the organization security. It can have massive influence on the solutions of technology you choose. If you get locked into any platform due to your existing directory service, you may have a glance of a vendor-neutral solution featuring cloud identity management.