Could a Career in Software Development Be Right for You?

Have you been daydreaming about a new career? Software development could be the new role you have dreamed of.

Looking for a new job in 2022? Software development could be the role you’ve been looking for. There are exciting opportunities in the tech sector that are up and coming in the immediate future – and software development promises to be a key milestone in the corporate future of millions of organisations all over the globe. Here’s how you could be part of it.

What is Software Development?

Software developers are the backbone of the app community. They are the people who research and devise new apps for us. They develop games and entertainment software, build the programs that run our movie streaming sites, and provide numerous other software assistance that allows businesses to function. The primary role of your friendly software developer is to write new programs. The company which hires them would order these programs. It may take a data scientist or data analyst to identify the areas of concern which you could solve through use of a program.

How Much do Software Developers Make?

According to the UK government website, a software developer makes between £20,000 for an entry level role, and £70,000 for a high-end role, in a single year. They work between 37 and 40 hours per week. They can work evenings and weekends because software systems always break when you least expect them to. Additionally, those living and working in London can expect to make more money than those in the north.

How do you Become a Software Developer?

Before you start applying for software developer jobs at Hays Tech, the best online resource for finding new tech employees, you need to study up. It takes a basic degree in computing to begin your training. This could be computing, coding, programming, or any such degree. Once you have it, you need to add the specialisation of software development. This means learning coding languages and adding programming strings to your bow. The more software systems and coding languages you are fluent in, the better your chances of landing those high paying roles.

The typical entry level requirements for a job in software development in the UK include:

  • A levels, 1 or 2 of them
  • A foundation computing degree
  • Or a Higher National Diploma in the relevant area
  • Optional degrees include IT, Finance tech, Software engineering, software for business, business tech, or computer science

Once you have the relevant qualifications, you can start looking for work in the IT sector in your area.

How to Find Work as a Software Developer in 2022?

If you have completed your studies and you want to start your career as a software developer, you can easily find work with the correct qualifications. To start hunting for the software developer role that will kickstart your career, find a job hunting site and upload your CV. You can then wait for employers to contact you.