Here’s How to Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rates Like a Boss

Sure, an attractive website is essential, but what is more essential is its functionality, its ability to transform traffic into lead form submission, physical location visit, phone calls, contact form submission and sales. Without these, your business will never thrive. Of course, the more conversions you produce, the more revenue you earn. We have listed some ways to boost the conversion rates of your website by the means of website design. Read on.

  1. Choose a responsive design

Around 31 percent of traffic is driven from mobile devices. This number will keep boosting. If your website isn’t pleasing to the eye on the digital devices, then you are down for the fall. An RWD or Responsive Web Design is adaptable to fit any digital screen in a way that makes all the web pages, features and actions accessible of which digital devices the user is browsing the website on.

  1. Opt for a simple design rather than the complex one

Gone are the days when loads of animation and flash were in a trend. Today, clean and simple designs are famous. Brands went overboard in order to impress their audience with some quirky features back in a day, but now consumers love a nice and clean layout. Impress your visitors with your content and features. Overloading your website with useless flash and animation annoys them as well as slows down the load time of your website. Hire web designer to make these things go easy on you.

  1. Stock photos are a big no-no!

Sure, stock photos are great for some reasons like your blog posts. But, they are not meant to be embedded on your About Us page. If you want to add images to that web page, hire a professional photographer and book a photoshoot. In order to gain your customers’ confidence, try to convey your expertise and professionalism by the means of this very photoshoot rather than using the stock photos.

  1. Keep your navigation simple

When customers visit your website, they should be able to find what they are seeking in a mere two seconds. If it takes a lot of time for them to find what they are looking for, then they will be frustrated and search on another website. Keep your navigation menu as convenient as possible. Offering them too many options will confuse them. Pave a clear path on whatever actions you want the visitors to accomplish no matter if it is a specific landing page or a submission form.