How to Use the Google Free Serp Checker to Catch more Free Traffic

You might have heard about the Google free serp checker. It’s a program developed to help you find out whether your website is optimized for Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines. So what exactly does this software do? Let’s take a look.


This particular SERP checker was developed by Mackler Associates. The main aim was to develop software that could be utilized by programmers, Internet marketers, site owners as well as website administrators. It allows you to find out the exact positioning you need to target your clients.


The google free serp checker works by locating keywords that are most likely to appear on the content of a webpage that will be accessed by a potential customer. Also, it will highlight any misspelled words or other irregularities that may exist in your website content so that you can make appropriate changes.


It’s crucial to understand how to use the Google watchwords tool correctly because if you don’t, you will not get the desired results. To begin with, the program enables you to identify profitable niches to target.


You simply select the search term or phrase that you want to monitor and then enter the relevant information into the various fields. Once done, you will receive a list of all the websites and links that contain the keyword that you entered. You can then go back to the tool’s interface and make corrections to your backlinks.


Some of the other features of the tool are its usage of Google Analytics and the TikTok likes system. The tool permits you to monitor the number of visitors who have gone to your website thus you can ascertain whether the keywords you have used are working in conjunction with the search engines.


The TikTok likes system permits you to analyze the number of backlinks that go to your site thereby helping you analyze which keywords are more effective and which ones are less so.


Although the watchwords application is a wonderful tool that will assist you in monitoring the profitability of your website, you must keep in mind that it is dependent on your ability to effectively execute your monitoring tasks. When you use the Google free serp checker, you mustn’t create as many backlinks as you possibly can because this could potentially lead to a negative impact on your ranking.


In this regard, you may also consider monitoring other ships that use the same catchphrase and have them rank well within their niche. When you create as many backlinks as possible, it will take longer for the search engine to detect these links thus impacting your ranking.


Another tip when utilizing watchword is to utilize the tool on several domains rather than focusing on just one domain. This will yield better results since it will generate quality backlinks.