Have you found yourself in a situation, for instance, a recruitment process whereby an employee seeks to carry out a police check on you? It is always done in almost all systems. There are so many reasons why the employer would want to carry out a police check on the employer. As an employee, there are important rights you should take note of that as to do with these police checks.

For proper clarity of what the police checks entail, you should equip yourself with the necessary information. The national police check is a report of an individual’s police history information. This can be carried out on just anyone in the country.

It is not limited to any individual. This is an initiative provided by the government to a person or organization for employment, registration processes that may require occupation licensing, and voluntary works. Employers make use of the police checks to reduce the increase of theft, scam, or any shady activity that may be put up by their employees to be.

Although dome companies deal with children, vulnerable communities, police checks are necessary to cancel out employers who may have engaged in any criminal activity in the past. In cases like this, employers ensure it is well-stated in the job description that the criminal report of employees is specific to that job that is broadcasted to applicants and potential employees.


Please note, that nobody has the right to check anyone’s police report except if permitted to do so asides from the police investigation and the various prosecution processes. This implies that the release of any criminal report for an individual can only be carried except the candidate gives his or her consent.

So if you find yourself in an interview and you asked if you have criminal reports. Your response should be of your own will. Whatever information you give should be on you and not influenced. Except in cases whereby it is a requirement under the legislation, then you have no choice but to give your records.


Some people may stand to wonder if it is possible to get the police check being that they already have criminal records. They have even concluded that they would be discriminated against. Some countries, however, are completely against unfairness to individuals who may have a criminal record. Except if the criminal offense has something to do with the past job.


Getting the police check is easy and straightforward. Back then, to get the police check you have to the local police station. It was a slow process and was not efficient at some point. At times, it took over fifteen days before applicants would receive theirs. Things have developed now. You can now get your police check online.

There are various police check organizations you can find online. These organizations make sure that every detail of their applicant is safe with them. Even if you would be applying for jobs that require police checks, you can apply for the checks and expect the verification in no time.