Things You Need to do Before Recycling the Computer

Recycling of computer parts is a wise decision, however before taking the step you need to consider certain factors.

A few factors to be considered before recycling the computer:

  • Delete all the files – Even though the whole unit is totally destroyed, there are chances of the files being opened by wrong people. The businesses or companies need to store the required data in another computer before deleting the files from the to be disposed.
  • You may have purchased few programs from the internet. There would be security or registration codes which can be retrieved by hackers. Thus, it is best to erase the whole program.

  • Numerous people prefer to save personal information like ATM or Credit card password on their computer, so it is best to save elsewhere and delete them totally.
  • While deleting best switch off the volume shadow copy. Erasing everything even from hard disk will be quite beneficial.
  • Make sure to store the files and information in another computer before deleting the old one. Try to remove all the information from recycling bin too.

  • There is disk wiping software available to remove all the information which can’t be wiped out by clicking normal erasing keys of your computer. It is free applicable software.

While using a cloud service will prove suitable to back up for your files. Thus, you can transfer the info to new computer with ease. It will be appropriate to de – authorize the whole system, this helps in uninstalling the programs without any issue. You need to delete your browsing history too. As on some sites you must have stored your password and this needs to be deleted.

If you are an employee, make sure to ask your employer before starting the deleting process. Uninstall any programs which are likely to have your personal information. To prevent hacking issues, it is best to unsubscribe the information that is no longer required.

You need to follow the data disposal policies if you are working in authorized firm or while in corporate business. You need to follow the law for deleting the data security related to your customer’s information.

Before disposing your computer make sure it functions to delete all the information or make a copy of it to save on another computer. Many users of computer dispose the non-functioning unit without erasing the saved data. A skilled technician will help you in doing the data destruction successfully.