4 Industrial SBC Choices

The site’s energy management system. Must react quickly to minimize damage and protect personnel. Here are four common industrial SBC choices. After reading this article, you’ll find an industrial SBC that meets your needs. Then make your decision based on what you learn.


Providing M2M and IoT connectivity, Digi International’s ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro is an intelligent connected SBC that meets IEC 60068-2-1 standards—powered by the NXP i.MX6UL application processor, this rugged SBC supports dual-band antenna options and includes multiple connectivity options in a Pico-ITX form factor. For further convenience, Digi offers custom design services for customers to incorporate additional features.

The ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro features royalty-free access to source code and an integrated development environment. It also supports 3rd party cellular modules and secures remote device management through Digi Remote Manager. In addition, Digi ConnectCore 6UL SBC Pro features Digi TrustFence for enhanced security and control. This feature enables secure data storage and connections, access-controlled ports, and software upgrades. It is ideal for use in industrial environments.


Designed for rugged, industrial embedded applications, Gateworks Single Board Computers are available with expansion modules to include satellite and cellular connectivity. The company uses American-made hardware and software to ensure compatibility. Its products are designed for use in rugged environments and feature extended life availability of over ten years. In addition, Gateworks is known for its high-quality custom boards. The Gateworks Advantage ensures consistency across high-volume projects.

The GW6400 is designed for rugged industrial applications and can connect to the Internet of Things cloud with Iridium Satellite Modem or LTE CATM1 cellular modem. It features multiple Ethernet ports and supports 10 to 60VDC operating in extreme environments. Gateworks SBCs also have a robust power supply and are compatible with all significant networking standards. In addition, its complete design supports many connectivity standards, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave.


The 2.5″ Premio industrial SBC is a versatile computer with powerful processors. It is also equipped with Windows and Linux operating systems. The small form factor makes it perfect for a variety of applications. In addition, its compact design makes it ideal for industrial IoT, in-vehicle, and medical applications. Read on for more information about this versatile computer. Below are some features that make it an excellent choice for the industrial market.

The BCO-2000 series is an industrial-grade embedded mini-computer that supports Intel 8th Generation Core Processors. Its palm-sized form factor allows it to be easily incorporated into industrial products. The low-power design and NVMe storage make it a perfect fit for industrial environments. In addition, the BCO-2000 supports a wide range of I/O interfaces. For even greater flexibility, it can also be used in rugged environments.


The NXP industrial single-board computer (SBC) is based on the power-efficient i.MX 8M Plus application processor. With a compact footprint and powerful computing capabilities, the IBR215 provides a cost-effective and flexible solution for various industrial applications, such as industrial automation controllers, digital signage, kiosks, IoT, and medical equipment. These PCs are available in a variety of configurations.

The MIP470 industrial SBC comes with a 400MHz PowerPC board, a Free-scale MPC8347E processor, a built-in FPU, and an encryption engine. The IB102 i.MX6 SBC includes LVDS and POE+ connectivity, a light-bar design, and 3D graphics. The EP8641A processor board is available for larger applications in single-width, full-height form factors.


The new BL4S200 industrial-quality SBC is based on the RCM4310 processor module from Rabbit. This high-performance processor module supports the entire TCP/IP stack and source code. Its powerful processor module is the ideal choice for algorithms-intensive applications. The BL4S200 is available in various features, including a programmable memory, fast Ethernet, WiFi connectivity, and six series ports.

Single-board computers have become so popular in industrial applications that reliability isn’t an option. Today, single-board computers are vital for industrial control systems, medical diagnostic equipment, and even sophisticated military systems. As such, SBCs are subject to rigorous quality control practices. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Rabbit industrial SBC. Let’s take a closer look! I’ll share some of my experiences with industrial SBCs and their applications in the coming months.


ARM industrial single board computers (SBCs) combine a processor, memory, input/output, and other features in a compact and flexible package. The benefits of SBCs include speedy time-to-market and the elimination of manufacturing hardware. Single-board computers can be used in specific applications and communications products. The various platforms used by module companies enable developers to create embedded projects that incorporate ARM processors.

ARM processors are widely used in embedded systems and are particularly attractive for small-scale applications. Even Apple’s iPhone runs on an ARM processor. This architecture makes it the preferred architecture in small devices. Moreover, Gateworks’ smallest rugged industrial SBC, the Ventana GW5510, is 35x70mm. Such small dimensions mean that these devices are ideal for industrial applications. Therefore, ARM industrial SBCs are a perfect choice for small-scale applications.