Everything you need to know about monitor mounts!

Flat-screen monitors are everywhere, and if you own one, you have probably heard about a monitor mount. A monitor mount, for the uninitiated, is a support bracket, which helps in holding up the monitor or flat-screen display. These products are also known as monitor arms. Check some of the important things you must know about buying and using a monitor mount.

Do I need a monitor bracket/arm?

It’s a matter of personal choice, because manufacturers do offer a stand for monitors with the package. However, if you like a clutter-free desk or want to just keep your computer monitor at a certain height/level, these mounts can be handy. Also, not all brands offer quality and sturdy stands, so getting a replacement might seem like a good idea. Many people prefer a mount because it allows them to use their adjustable ergonomic chair more effectively. The good thing is you will find a bunch of different options in the market, which are discussed below.

Types of monitor mounts

The most common kind is a wall mount, which is similar to what you use for a flat-screen TV. These are ideal when you want to use the space on the wall or more space on the desk. The next choice is a clamp mount, which comes with the necessary hardware, so that it can be attached to the desk, usually around the edge. There is also something known as the grommet mount, which is installed by inserting a hole in the desk, through which the mount is secured.

Next, you may want to choose between a single monitor mount or a multiple one. Many workspaces and homes need a multi-screen setup, owing to the nature of the work. Also, there are special arms and brackets, which are designed to support the laptop.

How to choose one?

Consider your requirements and budgets before looking for monitor mounts. If you are looking for the best deals, check for monitor wall mount from PrimeCables. Online stores usually have more products in stock, and since they don’t have too many retail overheads, the prices are typically lower than regular local sellers. What’s even better is the choice to return the product, and depending on the brand you choose, you can get warranty on the mount too. Just make sure that the product is durable.

Check online and shortlist a few options before selecting the right monitor mount for your home or office.