How you can equip your workplace for making it a flexible working model?

Create spaces for 1:1 interactions Some office layout alterations support remote workers the best. A designated call or huddle space can make the process easier for various co-located employees to interact with their remote counterparts. The good thing is these spaces turn out to be soundproof and propose ideal productive spaces for different one-on-one meetings.

Use a room booking system

Every meeting room must come armed with room booking systems. There are several benefits of utilizing room booking systems for remote workers. The first in this context is co-located workers can easily and quickly begin meetings, and so, a remote worker does not have to waste his valuable time waiting for the setup of a meeting.

According to a study, it has been discovered the more than 50 per cent of users of video conferencing wait for more than ten minutes on the setup of a meeting, and a remote employee does not wish to waste his time waiting when someone from the other end discovers a room for calling in from.

  • Invest in different video conferencing tools – A person needs to support video conferencing. It is the most natural and efficient method for a remote worker to get connected to others. Hence, companies are required to make investments in effective and modest video conferencing systems so that in-office workers can utilize them for communicating.

Challenges of a hybrid work arrangement

Even a flexible working model is found with some difficulties. A few challenges that people can come face-to-face while applying for a hybrid work arrangement are:

  • Distinct time zones – When you possess a hybrid work arrangement, you are likely to have some employees who belong to a different time zone based on where your company outsources its work. When you do not prepare yourself to hand the problems of time zone differences, then these roadblocks can damage your company in many ways. When you wish to work in a hybrid work schedule, you need to plan well.
  • Communication becomes tougher – It becomes easier for your in-house team to spend time together and also discuss their work. But the opposite happens when you have remote employees. Most often, fully remote workers feel left out, and it ends up forming a rift between your remote employees and in-house team.

For solving this issue, you need to schedule recurrent meetings with your onsite and offsite workers and let them remain in the loop. This will lessen the division of your employees and also empower the team. Additionally, you can think of inviting your remote employees for a visit as it would make them feel that they are a vital portion of the organization.

Form new communication channels

When you hire remote workers and allow your employees to work from home, then you can develop novice communication channels. And so, a hybrid working environment helps in opening vacancies and also sends job proposals to people who live outside your state or city. This permits people to expand their talent pools and know every kind of person who can aid in expanding a business to other portions of the country.