Smart Grid Technology – The way forward for Our Electrical Syste

Smart grid technology and the way forward for our aging electrical grid product is big talk round the white-colored house and congress nowadays. Our the president states we have to increase the introduction of solar and wind power. We have to get individuals to consume less energy so we must focus on the climatic change and global warming issue.

So what exactly is smart grid technology? It’s essentially the electrical system getting into digital age. What they’re searching at are home thermostats and appliances which will adjust themselves for the price of power. Hot water heaters that may draw power from the neighbor’s rooftop solar power. Cars which will operate on electricity and could be billed in a single minute.

We will have the electrical utilities running from wind power whenever you can but in a position to switch inside a moments notice to a coal burning plant once the wind stops blowing, then again to wind if this kicks up.

Power companies can see into homes and instantly adjust thermostats and energy usage based upon demand and then any plans you are making together ahead of time. Technology companies, investors and all sorts of power companies want a bit of the experience! Obama incorporated 4.5 billion in the economic recovery package for growth and development of smart grid technology.

There are plenty of products to check out with this particular technology. First upgrading for an all digital system like the smart grid they picture won’t be cheap who will pay for this? Well the customer will unless of course you are making your personal little smart grid in your home with solar as well as wind power and obtain business grid altogether. Is that this new technology likely to be too intrusive to the lives? Whether they can watch our thermostats and adjust these to anything they want this may be intrusive as well as an invasion of privacy. When they monitor that what else would they monitor without your understanding. Could this result in cyber attacks and much more terrorism for all of us.Smart grid technology seems like an excellent, idea or perhaps is it?

Smart grid technologies are defiantly worth searching into if it is possible right and without invading the privacy from the citizens.