The Pitfalls Of Utilizing Technology For Technology’s Sake

As being a lengthy-time Internet entrepreneur, I’ve guaranteed observations with time. Many people who start an internet business appear to undergo certain “phases.” They create exactly the same mistakes, plus they react exactly the same to various conditions. Even while, they never understand that point about this behavior transmits a glaring red signal that they’re unquestionably newbies.

There’s no problem with as being a newbie (in the end, I wasn’t born this brilliant grin). But ask any novice and they’ll tell you just how they don’t wish to seem like beginner. This is exactly why I lately felt the necessity to bring focus on an average newbie mistake that you will want to prevent. That mistake is applying each and every bit of new Web technology you’ll find JUST since it is available.

I realize the benefit of new technology. However, before loading up another animated graphic or phasing Web site, think about a couple of questions.

1. Will fraxel treatments increase the value of my website? By value I am talking about something which will enhance (and never clutter) your internet visitor’s experience. Apart from being awesome, will we’ve got the technology help in some manner?

2. Will we’ve got the technology cause a hassle to my visitors? Will an exciting Flash webpage pressure visitors (even repeat visitors) to sit down watching a 2-minute lengthy movie every time they are available to your website? Will a lot of animated or rotating graphics files help your house be page load very slow? Internet users are extremely impatient people, you realize. I will tell you against experience, they will not wait.

3. Will the technology require that my website customer do anything whatsoever? Will these potential customers need to download any special software or plug-ins to visit your site with this particular new technology? If that’s the case, skip it! It is not worth the risk of visitors clicking away.

4. May be the technology stable? May be the chat program you’ve installed reliable? Does that new java script work the actual way it should? Does that streaming video feed skip and crash? In case your new technology does not perform up to date 99% of times, it is not worth causing aggravation for your visitors.

Prior to making any technological enhancements to your website, consider these potential customers. Yes, the brand new technology might be awesome, but when it does not offer some true value for your customers, you would definitely need to be and much more professional searching without them.