This is what you should know before purchasing a server

The need for information and data is always growing, making quick access to data very important. Thus, whether you own a small business or a big corporation, you will always need a safe place to keep sensitive data that your business is entrusted with or needs in order to operate. The best hosting solution that you can get for your business is dedicated hosting. However, before you let the joy and anticipation of having a dedicated server take over you, you need to look back at the reasons why you are making the investment in the first place.

Here are a few facts that you need to keep in mind before you invest in dedicated servers Melbourne.


Money is always a big deal even to the mightiest of corporations and individuals and as you may already know, servers don’t come cheap, especially dedicated ones that only server you as the only hosted client. You can simply spend thousands of dollars on a dedicated server only to realize that your web traffic is also growing at an exponential rate and in need of a new server all over again. As such, you should put a lot of consideration on your budget. With a budget to work within, you can then make a decision for the brand, warranty details, size, and features of the server to obtain.

Like I stated above, servers are not cheap, but if they are able to save your business a huge amount of money in future, then it makes sense to obtain one.


Servers are available in a huge array of sizes and shapes. Majorly, they can be placed into three categories, that is, rack servers, tower servers, and blade servers. Rack servers as the name suggests are designed for installation in a rack that contain multiple bays. A tower server is more like a tower PC only that it packs a hell lot more of processing power in comparison to a PC. Blade servers are designed with a thin design that allows them to occupy less space. Blade servers may however have the disadvantage of coming with limited capacity in comparison to the other types of servers.

When you are thinking of a acquiring a server, you need to consider the amount of space you have first to ensure that it does not become a limitation in future.


Most servers allow users to install two internal hard drives. However, not all servers provide this kind of flexibility to users so you should beware. When you buy a server that allows you multiple storage, you can back up your data safely and also be able to setup RAID so that you configuration can have more fault tolerance, improved overall performance, and more storage capacity. The size of your business should also play a major role in the size of storage your server should have. It is recommended to buy a server that has 30% more space than your current needs in order to support future needs.