What are the different kinds of Instagram accounts? 

Instagram is a social platform that allows several people to interact with each other. There are three kinds of Instagram accounts,

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Creator

Personal account:

A personal account on Instagram has every feature from creating content to stay connected with your followers. This account allows the person to go private and share stuff with family and friends only. If you’re a private person, go for a personal account because Instagram won’t let others disturb your privacy. In a personal account, all the followers are of your own choice. This type of account is best for people who don’t want to grow their accounts.

Link to your bio: 

If you own a business on some other platform, you can add a link to that account to your current personal account. In this way, people will know more about you and your business.

Create stories: 

Personal accounts offer you to create Instagram stories, post, and go live. It has the same features as a business account, but the only difference is the private and public. In a personal account, you can share your stories with the selected people or close friends.

Business account: 

The business account is preferred for local businesses, retailers, brands, organizations, and service providers. Most features of a business account are different from a personal account. In a business account, all your page information is public, and anyone can follow you. In this type of account, followers hold an important place. You can buy instant Instagram followers to run your business. Make sure to buy real active Instagram followers because Instagram counts the number of active people and their responses.

If you own a small or big size business, you can switch your Instagram to the business account for free. There are some extra features of the business account,


In the business account, there is an option to schedule ads and boost a post. You can link those posts and ads directly to your Instagram account.


Analytics are important for your business because they help you to grow your business. There are certain types of Instagram marketing strategies that encourage the owner to start an initiative for their business. With the help of Instagram insights, you can get to know about your posts and stories. The data is only stored for 14 days. The disadvantage of these Instagram insights is that it only works on a forward basis, and you can view analytics for any content during a specific period.

Call to action buttons: 

This option helps visitors to interact with your business without leaving the app. There are some options present on the app such as,

  • Book an appointment
  • Reserve a table at your desired restaurant
  • Purchase a ticket for an event
  • Purchase gift cards
  • Take away delivery from a restaurant
  • Create or share the fundraiser link

Swipe up: 

This feature is only available for people who have more than 10,000 followers. This option helps them to drive traffic towards their account through an external link.